Should There Be a Comparison Between Raymond Felton and Brandon Jennings?

Last night, Tommy Dee from “The Knicks Blog” noted that Donnie Walsh second-guessed his scouts when the Knicks selected Jordan Hill over Brandon Jennings with the 8th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

It was essentially the inclusion of Jordan Hill that made last season’s trading deadline deal between the Knicks, Rockets, and the Kings possible. The Rockets received Hill (in addition to Kevin Martin), while taking on Jared Jeffries’ expensive contract continuing through this season.

Although Tommy alludes to the fact that the reason why the Knicks did the trade in the first place was to clear out cap space for LeBron James and another superstar, I cannot help but notice (now that the free agency hoopla is over) how similar Jeffries’ contract is to the contract Raymond Felton received from the Knicks this off-season.

Essentially, the Knicks’ trade of Jeffries made the signing of Felton possible. However, if Jennings was drafted instead of Hill, there may have been no trade at all, and Jennings would have been the Knicks’ point guard this season instead of Felton.

Of course, the Knicks needed to go all out in hopes of securing two marquee free agents. The trade needed to happen. That being said, Jeffries (one of the league leaders in charges taken last season) is a nice defensive player, and I cannot help but wonder how Jennings would have played in Coach D’Antoni’s system.

What do other Knicks’ fans think? How would Jennings have fared in orange and blue? Should there even be a comparison between the two?

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