E! News’ Resident Knicks Fan Ben Lyons Interviews Baron Davis

Baron Davis broke the hearts of many Knicks fans this past season, scoring 18 points in his Cavaliers debut in March, leading his new team to one of their three victories against New York.

Nevertheless, E! News’ Ben Lyons, a diehard Knicks fans, wasn’t left bitter and interviewed Davis. They two talked about basketball, Davis’ entertainment career, and his charity (Rising Stars of America).

The charity is a fantastic one that everyone should check out. The charity also just hosted a huge kickball tournament in Davis’ hometown of Los Angeles, which was attended by many athletes and celebrities, including the Knicks’ own Shelden Williams.

Definitely check out the video as Lyons asks BDiddy about a bevy of topics, including how he feels about potentially playing overseas. Be sure to watch the entire video, as Lyons can be seen doing some recruiting work for his favorite basketball team towards the end!