Will Eddy Curry Be Joining LeBron James in Miami?

via RealGM

“”One NBA exec thinks Heat will quickly sign Curry if/when he’s waived in March. His playoff drought (504 games) could end b4 Knicks does,” Hahn wrote on his Twitter page.”

The notion that the Knicks will waive Curry mid-season has been brought up often in the past few weeks, as it appears as though he will continue to have no positive influence on the team. He was also left out of player introductions during the Knicks’ home opener vs. the Magic on Saturday night.

Waiving Curry will ultimately also mean the Knicks will have given up on trading for Carmelo Anthony during the season. His expiring contract would figure to be a major component in such a trade.

Playing for the Heat would be a godsend for Curry, as he would presumably make the playoffs while playing alongside “The Big Three.” Playing next to such superstars would also give Curry an opportunity to quietly rebuild his image and career. Receiving praise in Miami should not prove to be difficult, as all he would have to do is simply outplay Joel Anthony and the Heat’s abundance of aging backup big men, which wouldn’t be hard for any average center these days.

Unfortunately for Curry, he is no longer just “any average center.” We’ll see what happens.