Jeremy Lin & David Lee Reflect Upon Time With New York Knicks

Though the Knicks are charging ahead (and trying not to look back) with championship hopes for the near future, it’s nearly impossible to overlook how frustrating the past few years of constant struggle have been for the fan base. If there’s any success to be had any time soon, the fans certainly deserve every bit of it.

Nevertheless, there were also a couple of brights spots here and there over the past decade or so of turbulent times for the Knicks. Of course, one of the biggest stars to emerge right under the bright Big Apple lights was Jeremy Lin. The guard soared like no one has in quite a while for the team. He gave the city something new and hopeful to be excited about.

Another player who was a constant fan-pleaser during his Knickerbocker tenure was David Lee. Through a stint during which New York was rebuilding and/or simply trying to figure things out, Lee’s gritty and dedicated efforts were highlighted by an all-star appearance over his five seasons with the Knicks.

As the team looks forward to what they hope to be better times, Lin and Lee both happened to speak out and reflect upon their time with the Knicks.

With the sting of Lin’s departure apparently still fresh in the minds of Knicks fans all over the NBA stratosphere, the Harvard grad spoke to GQ about his Big Apple exit and return to the Rockets.

Though his former team has been rather tight-lipped about the situation (even now), Lin opens up about his mentality surrounding the whole free agent process. In addition to reading the guard’s account of the days leading up to the Knicks’ decision not to match Houston’s offer, make sure to check out the rest of the great interview with Lin. Embedded in the piece includes some interesting details about a final dinner he had with Coach Mike Woodson and some Knicks teammates, and also a friendly encounter with Hillary Clinton!

A bit more further removed from his own time with the Knicks, Lee’s Q&A with proves the forward is growing tired of losing, be it with New York or the Warriors. In addition to sharring his hopes for the upcoming season, the former Knick addresses things like playing out of position with the team, and being drafted/coached by Isiah Thomas. Perhaps the content isn’t as revealing as Lin’s interview, but an entertaining read nevertheless.

Enjoy the reflections, but after that, prepare to only look ahead to what could be great things for the Knicks this season.