Ongoing Communication Will Be Key to Knicks’ Season

Despite the Knicks faltering to the Raptors for their first preseason loss Friday night, such an experience  can also be one to learn from.

Carmelo Anthony scored 24 points and Amar’e Stoudemire added 18 in his first preseason contest, but more important that the pair’s numbers was the fact that they were both able to get out onto the hardwood at the same time.

It’s undoubtedly imperative that the duo continues to build an understanding of one another on the basketball court. But even more so than that, it appears communication (or lack there of) will be an ongoing key to the Knicks’ success this season.

STAT and Melo have to be on the same page, but the team’s floor generals play a part in that too. Already focused on not scoring and forcing things up as much, Anthony will also have the pressure taken off him considering with regard to not having the ball in his hands for the majority of the time.

Though Felton’s first signs of struggle this preseason came against Toronto, the returning Knickerbocker is sure to make things easier for Stoudemire as well. Known as a “bulldog” on the court, Felton will need to take charge and guide Anthony as well, that way he can still thrive as on offensive player without