Knicks Fans To Be Welcomed Into “Clyde’s” Kitchen

With renovations at Madison Square Garden taking place, Knicks fans will have to find a new place to eat prior to games, as the “Play by Play” restaurant is now shut down.

Fortunately for them, everyone’s favorite Knicks legend may just have a solution to their pregame woes.

Knicks legend and current MSG commentator Walt “Clyde” Frazier announced that he will be opening an upscale sports bar to be located on West 37th St and 10th Ave in New York City, fittingly being named, “Clyde’s.”

Clyde’s new creation will be a partnership with Ark Restaurants, the powerhouse behind various eateries, including ones in Bryant Park and the Financial District of NYC. They have a target opening date of December 1st, which very well could be before the NBA lockout.

Nevertheless, fans should be excited for this new development. Frazier has always been the “King of Cool,” and opening an “upscale” sports bar seems as slick as ever for the legendary guard.

His popularity with the city of New York has continued to steadily grow over the years, as “Clyde” has become known not only for his smooth and flashy play as a Knickerbocker, but for his illuminating vocabulary on MSG and style as a bit of a fashion icon in the 1970′s.

As the new venue is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Garden, fans are sure to be flocking there fast for some great food and to celebrate Frazier himself. I just can’t help but wonder what the dress code will be like!