Amar’e Stoudemire’s Knicks “Players Only” Camp Coming Soon

The offseason workouts that Knicks captain Amar’e Stoudemire has been planning with his teammates are finally coming to fruition.

Though he originally wanted to start things up in August, due to his ailing back and the dragging NBA lockout, Stoudemire will attempt to round up his teammates in September. While he had told Knicks Journal in June that he, Carmelo Anthony, and Landry Fields were going to amp things up in Los Angeles, the Knicks “players only” camp will be taking place at IMG Academy in Florida.

Truly taking on a leadership role, STAT told Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick, As soon as I get cleared [medically], as soon as my back gets strong, I’m going to call all the guys and structure a training camp,” he said. “I’ll have them all meet at IMG, put them all in apartments, feed them breakfast and lunch — they’re on their own for dinner.

“My guys are waiting on me. They’re texting me all the time, saying, ‘When are we going to work out?’ But I’m still kind of in neutral right now with the back injury.”

The fact that Stoudemire is still complaining about back pain is definitely a cause for concern, but at least the lockout may be good for something, as it provides a bit more time for him to ease back into workouts.

Though the Knicks, who have been often criticized for signing STAT to a $100 million contract, cannot contact their players to keep up on their training regiments, at least they can rest assured that some of their captain’s hard earned money is being spent towards improving the team and motivating the players to keep in touch and stay in game shape.