David Stern Isn’t Concerned About NBA Lockout Carrying On

“I expect that we’ll make a deal because the alternative is very destructive,” he said. “It’s destructive of $2 billion worth of player salaries and it’s destructive most important to our fans of the game. And if it spirals badly everyone gets hurt. But in some ways I worry because the players have more to lose, especially those in the later stages of their career. So we’re going to do everything we can when the rhetoric slows down to get this thing back on track.”

The above quote is from David Stern, expressing his latest thoughts on the NBA Lockout. Though after earlier negotiations the NBA commissioner was discouraged by the first stages of talks between the players and owners, he appears cautiously optimistic.

Everybody clearly has more to less than to gain if the NBA lockout continues well into the season, and based on his comments, it certainly appears as though Stern seems to understand that. The fans, as well as the players, are craving basketball already, as evidenced in the tremendous turnouts at various Pro-Am competitions in the likes of New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

The one thing I’ve reiterated all along, that Stern also goes on to point out, is that we’re in the month of August right now and the NBA would at this time be in the middle of its regular offseason (as opposed to a “lockout”) at this point either way. Sure, it’d be a lot better to come to some sort of an agreement sooner than later, but the pressure still won’t be as pounding until we grow closer to the scheduled start of the regular season. The two sides definitely have time to get things rolling.

Hopefully everyone can take a cue from Stern’s optimism and use it as momentum heading into more serious negotiations.