Steve Nash to Knicks Fans: Don’t Lose Faith in Amar’e Stoudemire

Sometimes during the NBA offseason, players prefer to enjoy some sun and fun while taking a break from the grind and gearing up for the next season.

However, with the lockout throwing a wrench into players’ plans, we are all left to ponder what will happen next.
Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash is no exception to the rule, and he called in to my friends at the Fanalysts Sportsrap (featuring The Gambler and Phife Dawg) to talk about his plans during the NBA lockout, his former teammate and current Knicks captain Amar’e Stoudemire, and more.
Nash went on to say that though the prospects of playing overseas interest him very much, his commitment to his family will likely keep him closer to home. This certainly reiterates the interest the NBA’s best players have in playing internationally. There’s no doubt that top talents would love the opportunity, should there not be an NBA season, but the uncertainty of when the NBA will pick up again (and having to pick up and leave the international squad in the middle of its season) makes such a move difficult for most players.
Gambler also got the Soho resident to share his thoughts on the New York Knicks and the progress of his former teammate Amar’e Stoudemire. Though he did reaffirm what most Knicks fans already understand–that STAT needs a bruising big men next to him at center to take some of the heat down low–Nash also said that the pressure on Stoudemire to be more of a defensive force should not be as pressing.
It isn’t exactly in Stoudemire’s nature to be a defensive-minded player, and given that he’s successful at so many other things on the court, the criticism of his defense should not be as severe. Nash went on to say those concerned with his defense should look at his ongoing progress and maturity through the years as proof that he will continue to improve as an overall basketball player.
He certainly makes it sound as though he believes Knicks fans should continue to believe in STAT, as he can deliver great things in New York.
For more of Nash’s great exclusive interview with Fanalysts Sportsrap, listen/watch the clip above. He goes on to talk about his time with the Suns, living in New York City, the best guards ever to play the game, and more. If all that isn’t enough of an incentive to listen, I also appear on the show to talk about (what else) the lockout and Knicks basketball, following Steve’s appearance!