Carmelo Anthony Had Surgeries To Deal With Lingering Injuries

It’s no secret that injuries to some of the Knicks’ most talented players slowed the team down during their first round playoff series vs. the Celtics last season.
Amar’e Stoudemire was hampered by a back injury, whereas Chauncey Billups sat out nursing a knee injury. With two of their best players out of commission, it’s no surprise the Knicks had a difficult time competing.
Little did fans know that Carmelo Anthony was also dealing with knee and elbow soreness throughout. While the Knicks’ chances against the Celtics were slim as it is (without STAT and Billups), should it be concerning that Anthony’s injuries, which have apparently been nagging him for much of the past seven years, were effecting him enough to prompt two surgeries?
Not quite. Anthony, playing in a charity basketball game Sunday night in Philadelphia, erupted for 31 points and 17 rebounds, though his team lost.
He seems A-OK now, but that doesn’t change the fact that Anthony had arthroscopic surgery on his knee, as well as another procedure on his elbow, sometime in May.
The Knicks had previously announced that Anthony was experiencing pain in his elbow, but never made any announcement concerning either surgery.
The fact that there was no announcement is quite interesting. During the NBA lockout, players are restricted from consulting with team doctors and/or the team itself, so if the surgeries happened more recently, no announcement would have made sense. That being said, May is quite a while beforehand, so it makes me wonder why there was no formal announcement by the Knicks and/or Anthony’s camp.
Either way, Anthony’s been playing in an abundance of charity games lately, and if he’s logging 31 point and 17 rebound type performances, I’d have to think he’s looking and feeling pretty healthy and likely benefited from the surgeries.

As fate would have it, Melo’s next charity game is likely to reunite him with Stoudemire on the basketball court for the first time since last season ended. The duo will be taking the court along with LeBron James, Chris Paul, and more at Florida International University on October 8th. Former Knicks President Isiah Thomas, who coaches at FIU, is said to have helped organize the game.

Furthermore, Thomas has also been reportedly working out with the likes of STAT and his former Suns teammate, Joe Johnson, on campus as well.

Want more ‘Melo? You can catch him on the small screen tonight, not playing basketball, but guest-starring in Law & Order: SVU tonight at 10PM EST on NBC, along with Heat forward Chris Bosh.