Knicks’ Ronny Turiaf Breaks Hand Playing For France


Meanwhile, France centre Ronny Turiaf is set to miss EuroBasket with a broken hand after undergoing scans in London on Wednesday. The New York Knicks player picked up the injury during Tuesday’s win over Britain and FFB officials have confirmed to MVP that Turiaf will consider withdrawing from the squad if further tests in Paris show lasting damage.

“The hypothetical withdrawal of Ronny Turiaf, a player who is as important on the court as he is off it, could be a real blow to France,” France head coach Vincent Collet said. ”I can only imagine how disappointed and frustrated Ronny would be to miss the EuroBasket.

“If he has to withdraw, we will see how to fill the void. For the time being I do not want to bring myself to think he is not a part of the team.”

Knicks center Ronny Turiaf, one of the French National Team’s most devoted and proud countrymen, will miss Eurobasket after breaking his hand during a victory on Tuesday.

Turiaf has been forced to sit out international play in past years due to more nagging injuries. After being healthy and ready to roll this summer, he had hoped to make an impact.

Unfortunately, that likely won’t be able to happen, as Turiaf plans to bow out of competition completely, should further tests show lasting damage.

It really is a shame for Turiaf, but the injury shouldn’t affect his participation on the Knicks, especially with the lockout occurring and training camp likely delayed. The injury and Turiaf’s presence on the National Team are of course not a result of the lockout, as Eurobasket and the opportunity to represent one’s nation comes once a year ever summer. However, the unfortunate injury just goes to show what the NBA and its teams/players are susceptible to as time goes on and more players ponder venturing overseas.

Despite the injury, Turiaf was still able to have fun while his time on the court lasted, playing exuberantly and breaking it down on the court like only he can. See his fancy moves below. (Thanks to Seth of P&T for the clip.)