Carmelo Anthony to Work Out With Dwyane Wade

There’s nothing like getting a good workout in with an NBA Champion!
Though the Heat’s 2011 NBA Finals collapse has probably been more celebrated and/or recognized by fans than the title the team actually won in 2006, that doesn’t change the fact that Dwyane Wade is a former NBA Finals MVP.
As fate would have it, even though he wasn’t lured to the Big Apple during 2010 free agency, Wade has come to New York City this week to promote “Court Grip,” a product by Mission Athlete Care. For more on that, see his interview with my pal and ESPN New York’s own, Jared Zwerling.

Knicks’ forward Carmelo Anthony has kept busy despite the lockout with off the court ventures as well. Just after recently teaming up with Wade’s Heat teammate Chris Bosh on the small screen for Law & Order: SVU, ‘Melo will take to the hardwood with the man himself.

Even with his media tour, Wade is still finding time to train, and is taking advantage of his time in New York, apparently working out with Anthony later tonight.
Certainly the lockout (i.e. not necessarily having your own teammates around as often) gives NBA players an opportunity to go up against different and perhaps tougher competition. Aside from all the charity games he’s been involved recently, it’ll certainly be more challenging for ‘Melo to go head to head with another one of the league’s best players in Wade. To be a fly on the wall during such a workout to see how hard the two are able to push each other would be an interesting opportunity.
Though he is coming off two May surgeries, Anthony has looked solid in his most recent charity game outings. Surely, having to keep up with Wade will, nevertheless, be a solid test for the Knicks star to make sure he is in the best shape before the season begins, whenever that may be.
An incredibly crucial meeting between the owners and players union is said to be scheduled for tomorrow.