Going in opposite directions, the Clippers & Knicks to meet on New Year’s Eve

The Clippers were once a franchise in a complete mess. Things have changed for the better, however, as the Clippers are now unequivocally the best team in Los Angeles with the Lakers struggling mightily.

In contrast, the New York Knicks are the second best team in New York with Brooklyn moving into the neighborhood. The Knicks hope Phil Jackson will be able to eventually show signs of being able to turn this thing around in New York, but that hasn’t happened yet this season. Nonetheless, the Clippers finally getting it right are proof that anyone can eventually win with the right pieces in place and some good fortune. And on New Year’s Eve, we’ll see these two teams get after it together to see just how far apart they really are.

Derek Fisher, if he had any hair to lose, would have lost it trying to implement the Jackson Triangle offense. And defensively, the Knicks have been very porous as well. The Clippers run a much more up-tempo offensive attack that will prove to make it a long night for most teams any night, and with how the Knicks have been playing recently, it could be tough.

The Clippers will look to make their fans happy and send them out to celebrate the New Year right, while Knicks fans, if they watch this from home, will be already in 2015 and hoping for better things for the Knicks future.  Currently, the average $164 at the Staples Center, though the cheapest available Clippers tickets from Barry’s Tickets start at just $23.

This game makes for the perfect holiday gift for that Clippers fan on your list, especially considering it will cost just twenty-three bucks to get in the door. It also makes a nice gift to give yourself for the holidays. In the end, it should be a fun way to kick off your New Year’s Eve Party for any basketball fan in the Los Angeles area. Lob City provides lots of highlights on a nightly basis and you can expect at least a couple plays a night that will make you go wow.  Hopefully that will be the case on December 31st.